Microdermabrasion in Carryduff

At Chic Beauty, we use SkinBase Microdermabrasion Facial treatments for excellent skin exfoliation and resurfacing. As one of the leading skincare salons in the region, we know it’s important to use the leading products for the best results.

So, what’s so special about SkinBase?
It uses a fine jet of abrasive crystals to gently remove dead skin cells layer by layer and lift them away from your freshly cleaned skin, not only stimulating the blood flow but also encouraging the formation of collagen and elastin to produce firmer and more youthful looking skin. A SkinBase facial treatment is also good for removing wrinkles, acne scarring and revitalising old and dull looking skin. The effects of this microdermabrasion facial can usually be seen after the first session with ongoing treatments during a course. One of our skin specialists will advise you on the best course of action and the length of course required after an initial consultation (usually 6-8 treatments although maybe longer for acne and acne scarring).

Our Rates

Once your course of treatment is completed, all that is required to ensure that your skin remains looking and feeling fantastic is a single monthly treatment. Our rates are highly competitive and range from:

• One Session - £35.00

• Course of Three - £90.00

• Course of Six - £175.00

We use SkinBase microdermabrasion treatment because they are non-invasive and totally painless, as well as being quick. There is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction to one of our SkinBase treatments, with each course of treatment created to suit your skin type and tone. As results are almost immediate you can reap the benefits from a microdermabrasion treatment instantly, and enjoy the feeling it brings when people comment on your fantastic looking skin.

Contact Us

To make an appointment or for a consultation, please don’t hesitate to call our salon for assistance. A member of our team will work closely with you to find the best course of treatment to suit your skin, and offer helpful advice on the benefits of our treatment over the alternatives (chemical peels and creams).

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